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Safe Driving Tips for Seniors

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Tips for senior drivers

As we age, we do not keep that strong to our homes and very often choose independent living facilities while the ability to drive a car is a significant sign of independence for us. It makes us feel free and self-sufficient. However, as we age, our abilities change and our driving can be affected. Driving requires quick thinking and action taking as well as focus, coordination and impeccable sight; naturally, all of these abilities can lessen with age.

It’s no wonder then, that when it comes to seniors behind the wheel, the risks of driving increase. Of course, not everyone ages the same and some people will be able to drive longer than others. Whatever the case may be –and whatever the age– safety on the road should be a priority.

Senior people slowly lose the ability to drive a motor vehicle safely. Here are some tips for senior driver protection:

Health comes first

As we mentioned, not everyone ages the same. Do you take medication that may affect your driving? Have you noticed any changes in your sight and hearing? Do you suffer from headaches and muscle pain?  – All of these factors can heighten the risk of accidents, so make sure you consult with healthcare professionals regularly.   

If you keep track of your medical check-ups, sleep well, and have general good health, chances are you (or your elder family member) are fit to drive.

Choose the right car

Make sure to give your vehicle proper maintenance. Also, consider getting a car with a quality security system in order to reduce the risks of driving. Audi A6 has scored high when it comes to vehicle security in luxury cars. Do your research; investing in a secure vehicle will make any driver act and feel safe.  

Look out for warning signs

Know when the signs of aging are having an impact on your driving skills. Maybe you’ve been getting more tickets lately; others have expressed concern about your driving; or worse, you’ve already been in a traffic accident. Deep down, a driver knows when it’s no longer safe to be the one in charge of the wheel. Pay close attention to the red flags…they may save lives!

Driving self-awareness

Continuing with the previous point, even when you see those warning signs, it’s still hard to give up the keys. But change the perspective and consider all the new possibilities not driving has to offer like having more time for yourself or being less stressed.  

If you’re on the difficult position of discussing this with a senior driver, please try to empathize and then encourage them to look at the advantages that not driving can have.

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