The Best Cars to Drive in Snowy Conditions – Don’t Let the Snow Keep you at Home

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Winter is definitely on its way, in fact it may already have arrived in some areas. There’s a definite nip in the air, you can’t go out without your winter coat and boots and sledges and snow shovels have arrived in the local stores! Yep, if the snow isn’t already here it sure will be soon.

When the snow arrives it creates a whole heap of unique problems for drivers, the news teams tell us to stay at home unless we really need to drive and everybody starts to drive at around 20 mph creating huge problems on road and making everybody late for work.


So, what’s the answer? Well (in case you hadn’t guessed), you need a car which performs well in the snow, these cars also perform well at other times of the year but are particularly good in snowy conditions.

• Subaru Outback – this (as well as many of the others in the list) has all wheel drive which gives it superb traction in wet and snowy conditions. It’s also got good ground clearance yet it’s still a family sized station wagon. Winter friendly extras include windshield de-icer wipers, heated side mirrors and heated front seats to keep your butt nice and warm on your travels.


• Audi Allroad – is very similar to the Outback except it’s made by Audi. Once again this family sized station wagon has good ground clearance and all wheel drive to enable you to get good grip and traction in the snow. What does come as standard are headlamp washers, windshield wipers which know when it’s raining and heated door mirrors, if you like a nice warm butt you can opt for heated from seats but they don’t come as standard.

• Mini Countryman – this superb little vehicle has an ALL4S version designed to tackle snowy conditions with ease. The ground clearance is pretty good for a car of its size although not as good as the vehicles above but is well suited with good traction in the snow, wet and ice. The car runs on innovative run-flat tires which may not be quite as durable under extreme conditions but do save the problem of having to cope with a blow out in the bleak mid winter. If that is important to you, once again you can have a heated front seat.


• Mercedes Benz E Class – is one of the more upmarket snow busters. The E Class range has 4Matic and AWD sedans and wagons with great ground clearance and a power pack under the hood. The wagon also has something which hasn’t been popular for years but could be making a comeback – rear-facing seats in the third row for the little people. Not only can the people in the front have heated seats in these beauties, but the people in the rear seats can also have a warm butt – well, it is Mercedes. There’s also the option of a heated side mirrors and a heated steering wheel.

Of course that’s just a small selection so I’ve tried to include an example from each range of car – something smaller, something for the family and something for the business executive! Anyhow, for more fabulous vehicles which can ably tackle the snow take a look at Rotolo Chevrolet  you’re sure to find something fantastic which is good in the snow and good at other times of the year too. Drive safely!

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