Audi’s New Moon Robot

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Audi’s Moon Rover

Our favorite manufacturer Audi and our favorite four wheel drive – Quattro are going to the moon! I am not talking about your typical Grand Turismo 6 moon rover, I am talking about the real freaking moon. This how good Quattro is!

Audi is working with Berlin based engineering group Part-Time Scientists for the project. The group is actually a part of Google Lunar XPRIZE project they’ve already achieved two milestone prizes in the competition – for which they got $750,000. Google will award $30 million crispy American Dollars to whoever can put a privately (at least 90%) funded robot on the moon. The goal of the project is to “create a new era of affordable access to the Moon and beyond.”

Originally the project started with 34 teams and only 16 groups are still in the running.

Audi Robot’s Goals

  • Rover needs to be delivered by 2017
  • The robot firstly needs to be delivered to the Moon (we can only speculate how much that would cost. Is Elon Musk reading the blog? Let us know). Scratch that we found out it is 24 million Euros.
  • The robot that needs to drive on the Moon’s surface for at least 500 meters
  • The robot has to be able to transmit high res video and images

Audi Robot Specs

  • Most of the robot is made our high strength aluminium
  • Robot’s weight is 77.2 lb or 35 kilograms
  • Estimated top speed is 2,2 mph or 3,6 km/h
  • Wheels will rotate 360 degree
  • There two cameras that simultaneously can produce 3D images

We wish all of the luck to the Rover. One thing we know for sure that they rugged moon services will be nothing to the Quattro system with 360 degrees rotating wheels. If Quattro can survive the streets of Downtown Toronto is in freezing rain – it can can survive in the moon as well.

I don’t know if we mere mortals will benefit from any of that though. Come to think off it gives Audi owner bragging rights as far as I know 4Matic haven’t been to moon yet and nobody would want to take xDrive to it in any case. This whole thing also takes attention away from the emission scandal.


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