Most Outlandish Car Stunts Ever Recorded

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Stunts have always thrilled and excited us. There is something about seeing another person risk their life just for the entertainment of others that really gets the blood going. Some of the most successful stuntmen in history such as Evil Knievel have made a legacy out of death-defying feats and this passion for the extreme is still being kept alive today. With that in mind, here is a look at some of the most daring car stunts ever attempted.

1. World Record Jump

Jumping a car the longest distance is about as basic as you can get with a stunt. That is not to say that it is not dangerous or thrilling, however. It stands to reason that the longest recorded jump is the one to be most impressed about. This took place in 2011 shortly before the Indianapolis 500 and it was sponsored by Hot Wheels who customized the car and the track to look like one of their toys. The man behind the wheel was stunt driver and Top Gear US host Tanner Foust.

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2. Truck Backflip

Not all stunts go right. In fact, many of them often go horribly wrong since the risk factor attached to them is very real. This was the case when Rhys Millen attempted a truck backflip and wounded up in the hospital in 2007. However, he did repeat the stunt one year later, this time with better success, flipping the truck, but crash landing afterwards.

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3. MINI Flip

This is the first recorded flip of a car, done in the French Alps by stuntman Guerlain Chicherit. What’s most impressive about this is that the recorded flip is not actually the first flip: Guerlain did a practice one before the arrival of the crowd.

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